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This web platform is designed to assist you in decisions on retrofitting solutions. The Danish Quality Solutions presented in this web platform are based on a comprehensive survey of environmental and climate challenges in the shipping industry, focusing on retrofitting. This page will guide you towards the optimal solution packages which apply to specific regulatory requirements and will ensure an economically profitable operation of your ship or vessel.

Requirements, regulations and increasing operating costs create a need for upgrading the existing fleet to maintain an economically profitable operation of ships and ensure that ships comply with the most stringent environmental regulations. The existing fleet, including already contracted vessels and vessels to be delivered within the next few years, is historically high and will for years to come make up the majority of the world fleet. It is within the existing fleet that an immediate, significant reduction in the emissions of CO2, NOX and SOX can be achieved. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on retrofitting of the existing fleet.

Reference ships (vessel type) and solution categories. 

A number of reference ship projects have been systematically grouped to serve as a manageable tool for decision makers when it comes to investing in new solutions and technology for ships. 
You will finde the projects below under 


Solutions PIL 2


Energy Data Acquisition

The purpose of the Energy Data Acquisition (EDA) template, is to make a uniform and a detailed desktop screening of a particular vessel. The EDA template should be a holistic view of the theoretical and actual performance of the vessel. Based on an evaluation of the input data, it should be possible to calculate potential savings. 








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