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Danish Maritime retrofitting project continues on the green wave

In June 2011, Danish Maritime lanced the retrofitting project. The execution of the projects first year were held successfully and continues into the next phase with a number of new and exciting activities to increase the ship energy efficiency and maintain an economically profitable operation of ships and ensure that ships comply with the most stringent environmental in operation of ships.

Danish Maritime suppliers and ship owners are  involved in the retrofitting project that promotes Danish maritime quality solutions, while it promotes Danish shipping industry through more energy efficient ships with lower operating costs. In its first year, the project were concentrated on a comprehensive survey of the environmental and climate challenges that exist for the shipping industry, as well as the available solutions to the challenges that exist.

"Based on actual reference cases, we have performed a list of solutions that meet today's environmental challenges for the shipping industry," says project manager for the retrofitting project Michael V. Jensen, and continues: "The overview serves as a manageable tool for decision makers when it comes to investing in new solutions and technology for ships."

The solution will be promoted and disseminated through a joint maritime web-portal. Though a number of criteria’s the user will be presented to the optimal solution packages and contact to relevant suppliers. The web portal is under development and will be launched in autumn 2012.

One of the major barriers to investing in environmental and climate-friendly solutions is the lack of verified evidence. "Our reference cases and maritime web-portal provides the basis for a new project, in which we will develope and establish a measuring concept to demonstrate and certify efficiency improvements of new solutions on a ship," says Michael V. Jensen, and continues: "It will increase the incentive to invest in new environmental and climate-friendly solutions and promote market opportunities for Danish maritime manufacturers. "

At present the planned project activities extends until 2015. For further information about the project: Contact Project Manager Michael V. Jensen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit the Danish Maritimes website www.danskemaritime.dk

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21st June 2012
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