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Technical features

CNC CNC HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 Reading time 2000 blocs / sec Video 15’’ TFT colour - standard alphanumeric keyboard
Stroke X axis 2000 mm Y axis 800 mm Z axis 600 mm
Feed rates X, Y, Z  40 m/min Rapid B axis 20 m/min
Table Working area 2100 x 800 mm Max weight ion table 2000 kg 6 T slots
Spindle Power S1 100 % 32 kW - S6 40% 2 min kW Spindle Speed 15000 rpm Max Couple S1-100% 133 Nm - S6 40% 2 min 166 Nm
Nominal speed 2300 rpm Max distance between spindle nose and table 700 mm
Tools Automatic Tool Change 38 stations Taper ISO 40 DIN 69871
Max toll weight 5 kg Max tool diameter 70 mm Max tool lenght 300 mm
Equipment Optical Lines Perimeter with sliding doors with large transparent windows for perfect visibility Portable electronic flyer HR410 HEIDENHAIN
Work divider Linear axes guides with recirculating roller shoes (X and Y axes) of the prismatic type, with turcite-coated counter-guides (Z axis) Mobil arm console
Automatic refrigeration system external tool Automatic high pressure coolant plant through the spindle line (20bar) Additional tank approx. 400 litres
Air trough and out the spindle Chip conveyor to the right Coolant content tank outside the tool
Electrical cabinet with air conditioner Lighting working area Automatic lubrication system
11500 Kg weight High pressure predisposition Automatic lubrication system

The Fagima Super Fast 2000 is a high-performance CNC machine designed for precise and efficient milling operations. This machine was manufactured in 2016 and is ready for collection.

Equipped with a CNC HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 control system, the Super Fast 2000 offers advanced control capabilities. The machine has a reading time of 2000 blocks per second, ensuring fast and accurate processing of commands. The control interface includes a 15” TFT color video screen and a standard alphanumeric keyboard for convenient operation.

The Super Fast 2000 features a spacious working area with a wide X-axis travel. The X-axis has a travel of 2000 mm, the Y-axis has a travel of 800 mm, and the Z-axis has a travel of 600 mm. The feed rates for the X, Y, and Z axes are 40 m/min, enabling rapid and precise positioning. The B-axis has a rapid traverse rate of 20 m/min.

The working area measures 2100 x 800 mm, providing ample space for various workpieces. The machine has a maximum table weight capacity of 2000 kg and features six T-slots for secure workholding. The spindle on the Super Fast 2000 has a power output of 32 kW (S1) and 2 min 40% duty cycle power of 32 kW, allowing for high-performance milling. The spindle speed can reach up to 15000 rpm, providing versatility in cutting speeds. The maximum torque is 133 Nm (S1) and 166 Nm (S6 40% 2 min), ensuring efficient material removal.

The ideal solution

The machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer with 38 stations, allowing for quick and automated tool changes to enhance productivity. It utilizes an ISO 40 DIN 69871 taper, accommodating a wide range of tooling. The maximum tool weight is 5 kg, the maximum tool diameter is 70 mm, and the maximum tool length is 300 mm.

Additional features of the Super Fast 2000 include optical lines, sliding doors with large transparent windows for excellent visibility, a portable electronic flyer HR410 HEIDENHAIN, a work divider, linear axes guides with recirculating roller shoes, a mobile arm console, automatic external tool cooling system, high-pressure coolant plant (20 bar), an additional tank with a capacity of approximately 400 liters, air through and out the spindle, a chip conveyor, an automatic lubrication system, an electrical cabinet with an air conditioner, lighting in the working area, and a weight of 11500 kg.

CDL Fagima picc

Overall, the Fagima Super Fast 2000 is a robust and versatile CNC machine designed for high-precision milling operations. Its advanced control system, wide working area, and comprehensive features make it suitable for a wide range of machining applications.

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