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Technical features

CNC Heidenhan iTNC 530
TABLE Max weight on 120/300Kg
Axis X AXIS 800 mm Y AXIS 600 mm Z AXIS 500 mm
B AXIS -30° + 100° C AXIS 360°
Spindle Spindle speed 3600 rpm; 25-32 Kw HSK E50 Max distance between spindle nose and table 10-550 mm
Tools 52 stations Pallet n.7 320 x 320 mm
Equipment Chip conveyor Presetting laser tool Spindle cooling
Remote Flyer Floor space 3720 x 3680 x 22790mm Weight 9200 kg
Ce compliance and user manual

The Mikron HSM600u milling machine is a high-performance 3-axis machining center designed for precision milling operations. This machine was manufactured in 2018 and is ready to be collected.

Equipped with the Heidenhain iTNC 530 control system, the HSM600u is capable of producing complex parts with high accuracy and repeatability. The machine has a maximum weight capacity of 120/300kg, enabling it to handle a wide range of workpieces.

The X-axis has a travel of 800 mm, the Y-axis has a travel of 600 mm, and the Z-axis has a travel of 500 mm, providing ample space for machining large and complex parts. The B-axis can rotate between -30° and +100°, while the C-axis can rotate a full 360°, enabling the machine to produce complex shapes and contours with ease.

The ideal solution

The spindle on the HSM600u can operate at speeds up to 3600 rpm, delivering 25-32 kW of power through an HSK E50 spindle interface. The machine has a maximum distance of 10-550 mm between the spindle nose and the table, allowing for flexible machining setups.

The machine is equipped with a 52-station tool changer, enabling the machine to change tools quickly and efficiently. The machine also has seven pallets, each measuring 320 x 320 mm, providing flexibility in workholding.

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Other features of the Mikron HSM600u milling machine include a chip conveyor, presetting laser tool, spindle cooling, and remote flyer. The machine has a floor space of 3720 x 3680 x 22790mm and weighs 9200 kg. The machine is CE compliant and comes with a user manual, ensuring compliance with international safety and quality standards.

Overall, the Mikron HSM600u milling machine is a versatile and reliable machine tool suitable for a wide range of milling applications.

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